Mission Woods is home to just 80 single-family residences, 4 premium office buildings and a charming church. All city leadership positions are filled by volunteers, we have no full time staff or public buildings. We contract with our neighboring City of Westwood to provide exceptional law enforcement, public works, and building and codes oversight. We also utilize the Westwood City Hall at 4700 Rainbow Boulevard for various city meetings and as a polling place for national, state and local elections. Our city clerk splits time as an employee of both Mission Woods and the City of Westwood. 


The city has a mayor and 5 voting council members, all unpaid volunteers. The mayor will vote in the event of a tie. The mayor and council members are elected at-large for 2 year terms which begin in January of odd numbered years. The unpaid volunteer council meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Westwood City Hall. 



Meetings of all the residents have no legal function, but because of the small size of Mission Woods the city has town meetings from time to time to discuss topics of particular interest and to provide information to the council. Notices of these meetings are sent to each household. Residents also have the opportunity to express themselves and ask questions informally at Mission Woods Homes Association functions.