Frequently Asked Questions


 What are the government office hours?

The Westwood City Hall is open 8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and is closed Saturday and Sunday and Holidays. 

Mission Woods is home to just 80 single-family residences, 4 premium office buildings and a charming church. All city leadership positions are filled by volunteers, we have no full time staff or public buildings. We contract with our neighboring City of Westwood to provide exceptional law enforcement, public works, and building and codes oversight. We also utilize the Westwood City Hall at 4700 Rainbow Boulevard for various city meetings and as a polling place for national, state and local elections. Our city clerk splits time as an employee of both Mission Woods and the City of Westwood. 

 What is the trash and recycling pick up schedule?

Trash and recycling collections are done each Monday morning at curbside. Yard Waste is collected on Mondays year-round. Materials are to be put out only after dusk the night before unless the homeowner is going to be away. Be considerate. Put trash out after dusk. Trash and recycling costs are paid by Mission Woods through taxes. Remember this when comparing the mill rate of Mission Woods to those of other cities, most of which arrange for trash through homes associations dues. Learn More 

 Does Mission Woods have any pet restrictions?

City ordinance limits each household to two dogs and two cats. All pets must be registered with City Hall at the first of the calendar year. Proof of current immunization shots is required for the license and tags.

No dog shall be allowed to roam at large within the city at any time.  They must be kept on the owner's property or restrained by a leash.  The city also has a "pooper scooper" ordinance.  These are enforced from time to time as needed, to curb violations.

A barking dog periodically causes friction among neighbors.  The city noise ordinance attempts to objectify what is objectionable and prohibited.  It also deals with noise from animals left unattended. Mission Woods contracts with Northeast Animal Control for animal control services. Animal Control handles complaints concerning lost or injured animals. Animal Control services are available Monday through Saturday. Call the Johnson County non emergency dispatcher, 913-782-0720, to report a missing pet or to request a pick up.

 Do I have to listen to construction, animal or other loud noises?

Mission Woods has a comprehensive ordinance that prohibits a range of  "unnecessary noises" in the city, including animal noises.  The complete ordinance may be found on this site at: Mission Woods Noise Ordinance.  The noise ordinance outlines allowable times for specific categories of noises, including but not limited to: 1) Human, Electronics and Devices with the sole purpose of generating noise; 2) Construction and Repair; and 3) Lawn and Landscape.  Specific details regarding the applicable times should be located in the Mission Woods Noise Ordinance.

 Do garage and estate sales require any special arrangements?

A permit is required for garage and estate sales. Additionally, there are rules about how such sales are conducted, including cleanup afterward. Rules are available from the city clerk. Occasionally the Homes Association coordinates a city-wide sale on one of the spring or fall dates used by Westwood.

 Who is responsible for tree maintenance or replacement?

You are responsible for the maintenance of a tree whose base is on your property, even though the tree may shade the property of your neighbor(s). It is customary, however, to agree to share trimming and maintenance costs for that tree, including its removal if necessary. (Remember that removal of a healthy tree is subject to Architectural Review Board approval, especially if it is important to several adjoining properties).

The city takes responsibility for trees that grow on your property but are in the City's right of way. Generally, these are trees whose base is within seven (7) feet of the front curb. The city periodically trims these trees, and if necessary the city removes a dead or dying tree and grinds the stump. If you have a question about whether something involving a tree is covered by city policy, contact the mayor. The city currently does not pay for a replacement tree.

 Does the city keep the streets swept and pickup fall leaves?

The city tries to provide three curb leaf pickups each fall. Special notices are sent out ahead giving the dates. 
Streets are swept periodically as needed, typically every other month.

 May I display outdoor or security lights?

Consider your neighbors before you place outdoor or security lighting. Your lights can be annoying or unattractive to others.  For example, a light on the back of your house may shine directly into the bedroom of a neighbor.  For this reason, placement of exterior lighting is subject to Architectural Review Board approval.  Consult  possibly affected neighbors.  Often a problem can be avoided easily by a different placement or simple shielding.

Security experts advise us to keep regular front and back porch and garage lights on all night.  These lower levels of overall ambient light are favored by police, rather than fewer but brighter lights, because they do not create dark concealing shadows.  It is much easier for patrol cars to see between and around houses if there are no sharp shadows.

Seasonal holiday lighting is subject to Architectural Review Board approval if it is greater than or not comparable to other neighborhood displays.  Again, use common sense and observe what your neighbors do before you go all out with the holiday spirit.

 Does the city have a lawn and home maintenance ordinances?

The city does have ordinances requiring that lawns, guttering, windows, driveways, and the like be regularly maintained and in good repair.  The best practice is to use the yardstick of common comparison.  How does the curb appeal of your property compare to that of your neighbors?

 Is street parking allowed with our narrow streets?

City ordinances permit one side parking only (for safety reasons to allow oversize emergency vehicles to pass).  Sometimes strangers to the neighborhood, especially repairmen, park on the "wrong" side, and occasionally they do get tickets for this.  If you notice, remind them of this fact.  Remind your party guests as well.

Permanent driveway parking in front of the house is not permitted.  On street overnight parking between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. is not permitted.  These rules are enforced periodically when a problem situation arises.

Wrong side parking and overnight street parking are particularly irksome to many residents.  This is difficult to remedy without the police being aware.  If you are concerned about a situation, call Westwood Police non emergency number, 913-362-3737, and ask that attention be given to the situation by sending a patrol officer to ticket the offender(s).

 Is door to door solicitation acceptable in the city?

City ordinances require solicitors to register for a permit, not to prohibit solicitation activity, but to record the identity and nature of the activity for public safety purposes.  This rule is often ignored however. You may ask any solicitor to show you his/her permit and identification.  If you feel that a solicitor or group has been annoying or should be checked out in some way, call the Westwood Police's non emergency number, 913-362-3737.

 Are yard and political signs permitted?

Ordinances govern the size, number, and duration of various signs. Check the rules with the city clerk before putting up any signs. Signs in violation can be confiscated without advance warning. The two most common signs encountered are real estate and political signs. 

Political signs generally go up 30 days ahead of an election and must come down within a day or so thereafter, even if the candidate will be running in a subsequent election, but that election is more than 30 days away.

A "For Sale" sign may be left on the property without limitation, but "Open House" or "House for Sale" arrow signs are not to be put up more than 30 minutes before the open house, and must be removed within 30 minutes of its conclusion.

 Does the city send out newsletters?

The Mayor's memos and Homes Association communications are sent periodically to residents by way of our citywide email list. Sometimes a communication contains a number of items, or it may contain details of a particular topic, such as leaf pickup or large trash days or other city wide events. The City's website is also a good source of information. You can opt-in for communication here