Mayor, Robert Tietze

My husband, Terry Cooper and I have lived in Mission Woods since 1977. During that time, I served as President of our Homeowners Association for six years and Mayor for eight. While as Mayor working with various Council members, some of the highlights include the following.


1. Implementation of curbside glass recycling.
2. Passage of a 1% retail sales tax. (providing a constant revenue steam to the City)
3. Revising our HOA.
4. One of the first Northeast Johnson Cities to pass a non-discrimination ordinance.
5. Publication of a History of Mission Woods book.
6. Developed a working relationship with other NE Johnson County Mayors.

I continue to have a passion for improving the quality of life for all residents of Mission Woods. As a Council member, I continue to pursue topics that indicate a commitment to making Mission Woods a desirable community for all.


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