Newsletter - Winter 2023

Mission Woods Newsletter-Winter Edition                                                    

  • Financials. The city is finalizing the 2022 financial statement. The end-of-year bottom line will be $1,004,979 in cash with no outstanding debt. Revenue exceeded expenses by $135,348 for the year: a total of $290, 538 cash has been added in the last two years. The 2022 statement will be uploaded to the website upon completion in early February. Mission Woods continues to be in a strong financial position.
  • Council President. At the January meeting councilman Keith Mays was elected council president, a position required by city code. The council president presides at all meetings in the mayor’s absence. If a vacancy were to occur in the office of the mayor, the president would exercise the office of mayor until the council elects a new mayor. The previous council president, Selina Bur, moved from Mission Woods last year.
  • Architectural Review Board (ARB). According to city code, the ARB is appointed annually at the January council meeting. These residents will comprise the 2023 ARB.
    • Ryan Bowden, Chairman
    • Sara Chaffee
    • Erin Lowery
    • Katie Luka
    • Janet McCarter
  • Board of Zoning Appeal (BZA). According to code, the BZA is appointed annually in January. The following residents will make up the BZA for 2023.
    • Doug Weltner, Chairman
    • Jennifer Fuller
    • Cathy Henley
    • Major Park
    • Jay Sidie
  • City Planning Commission.  City code requires two members of the Planning Commission be non-residents living outside of, but within three miles, of the city limits. Agreeing to serve this year are the following.
    • Richard Ralls, Chairman
    • Archie Kangethe
    • Nancy Mays
    • Ramsey Mohsen
    • Susan Ramza
    • Gary Coleman, Westwood, KS
    • Nick Dosanjh, Mission Hills
  • Proposed New Zoning Ordinance. A meeting of the Planning Commission was held on December 15th, 2022, to consider a proposed zoning ordinance that would create a new Commercial Planned Unit Development District available to any Mission Woods property owner with four or more acres of property. After a presentation by Steve Mauer, city attorney, public comment and discussion among members of the Planning Commission, the commission voted to advance the Ordinance to the City Council for further consideration. At the January 10th Council meeting there was again a presentation by Steve Mauer and public comment. After Council discussion the Ordinance was not approved. The Council discussion  can be found in full in the Council minutes after they are approved at our February 7th Council meeting and uploaded to our website. Please contact me for further details of the discussion and subject. 
  • License Plate Readers (LPR). LPRs are cameras that capture thumbnail photographs of license plates on vehicles passing in front of them, similar to systems used at toll road entrances and exits. Law enforcement officials feel LPRs are an effective tool to help solve crime, although there is a difference of opinion if they prevent crime. Several cities in Johnson County already have LPRs with plans to add more.


This subject was introduced at a Council meeting last summer and the council decided to research the cost to the city to install LPRs at our five intersections. We received a bid to install LPRs at three intersections and circled back to request a bid for all five. 

The bid we received is contingent on the cameras being attached to current Evergy utility poles. However, Evergy will not allow anything to be attached to their poles. So, we will have to set new poles for the LPRs and run electricity to each pole which will increase the cost. After the cost of the total project is determined, that number and more information about LPRs will be shared with residents to determine if there is support to install these.


  • New Street lights for NW Corner of Mission Woods Rd and SMPW. In response to some residents’ concern about the lack of lighting around their area, the City Council voted in December to add two new streetlights to this section of our city. The lights will be placed in the area between 5369 and 5367 MW Rd and 5365 and 5363 MW Rd.  Concern was expressed during the discussion of having new lights that were too bright. We are in the process of determining what fixtures and wattage of lights are available from Evergy to address the needs and concerns of all neighbors in this section of our city.


This is a case where the majority of residents in an area asked for additional street lighting which was supported by the Council. The Council would be pleased to consider other requests for new lights if a resident has an interest and the support of your immediate neighbors. 

  • Cardboard recycling. Waste Management will only recycle cardboard that has been broken flat. Boxes that are not flat, will be thrown in the trash. Please flatten your materials and remember to space your recycling and trash bins at least three feet apart so the WM trucks with the robotic arms can pick up bins without having to get out of the truck.
  • Reimbursement for trees.  The city just removed three dead or dying ash trees within the city’s right of way. The council would like to remind residents that the city has a program for a $250 reimbursement for planting a new hardwood tree in your front yard. If you want to participate in this program, please give your paid receipt to me or a member of the council and you will be reimbursed the cost of your tree up to $250. 
  • Mission Woods Website. With the assistance of Gather Media over the last year, the city website will soon be fully operational with a more user-friendly experience in the coming weeks. Thank you for your patience. 


Darrell Franklin, Mayor