Newsletter - Winter 2022

During our January Council Meeting the following city officials were sworn in: 

  • Darrell Franklin, Mayor
  • Selina Zapata Bur, Council President 
  • Christopher Brent
  • Don Greenwell 
  • Robert Tietze
  • Keith Mays 


The following Boards were also appointed for 2022. 


Architectural Review Board 

  • Ryan Bowden, Chair 
  • Janet McCarter 
  • Erin Lowery 
  • Sara Chaffee 
  • Stephanie Simon 

Board of Zoning Appeal 

  • Ryan Bowden, chair 
  • Nancy Mays 
  • Major Park 
  • Jay Sidie 
  • Doug Weltner 

Planning Commission 

  • Richard Ralls, Dhair 
  • Michael Braude 
  • David Hunt 
  • Laura Martin 
  • Ramsey Mohsen 
  • Gary Coleman, Westwood  
  • Nick Dosanjh, Mission Hills  

Note: The City code requires that two members of the Planning Commission be nonresidents.


2021 Financials 

City income exceeded expenses for the year by $154,528. The city ended 2021 with assets of  $868,798 and no liabilities. The complete financial statement will be uploaded to our website  this month.  


Sales Tax for Online Purchases 

When shipping online, please make sure your address shows the city of Mission Woods so we  are certain to receive our city’s share of the sales tax on one’s purchase. By autofill default, the  city of Mission is often entered on retailer’s websites. 


Karbank Real Estate Company 

Karbank Company recently purchased the building at 1968 SMPW. Karbank now owns all three  buildings on the NW corner of SMPW and State Line Road. With this change Karbank is in the  process of petitioning Mission Woods for our city to vacate the cul de sac and a few feet of the  street that is north of the 1968 and 2000 Karbank buildings. The Karbank plan is to make the cul  de sac more attractive by replacing the current asphalt with a more attractive surface. With this  change, Karbank would take over ownership and full responsibility for the maintenance of the  cul de sac. There will be a public hearing to consider this petition at our next city council  meeting on March 1st.  


Mayor Darrell Franklin