Mission Woods Mayor and Council Members

Mission Woods is a city of the third class (fewer than 2,000 residents; click for more for details) with a population of 210 at the last census. It includes 80 houses, four office buildings, a church and a school athletic field. 


The city has a mayor and 5 voting council members, all unpaid volunteers. The mayor will vote in the event of a tie. The mayor and council members are elected at-large for 2 year terms which begin in January of odd numbered years. The unpaid volunteer council meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Westwood City Hall. 


The city employs a part-time city clerk, who is otherwise a full-time Westwood Police Department employee. Mission Woods has no city hall but uses the facilities of Westwood at 4700 Rainbow Boulevard. The city operates efficiently with the excellent support, goodwill and services provided under contract by Westwood Police, Westwood Public Works (snow, street repair, sweeping, etc.) and the Westwood Building & Codes official. Residents are free to contact the mayor and council members on any topic or with any questions.