House and Lot Changes

The Mission Woods City Code regulates the use, appearance, and any changes to your house and lot in three ways.

  1. The first is through zoning ordinances. 
  2. The second is through building codes.
  3. The third is through the approval of the Architectural Review Board

The rules are complex and overlap at times. The summary here is not comprehensive or complete. It may even be inaccurate in a particular situation.  However, what follows describes the philosophy of the rules and provides enough detail to alert you to situations in which you should seek further information. The focus here is on changes that you may wish to make to your property.

Procedure to Follow

Depending on your project, you may have (1) zoning, (2) permit, and (3) ARB approval to consider or some or none of them.

The application of these rules involves complex procedural steps that are not set out in detail here.  This is because the City has adopted a number of ways to streamline and short circuit the procedural process where appropriate. Learn More about the Process


Building Permits and Code Inspections

These rules insure that any work in the city is done in a workmanlike manner and is safe for you and your neighbors.  Permits and inspections are not a nuisance. They protect you from inferior contract work (and have done so more than a few times in the past). Click to learn more. 

Architectural Review Board (ARB) Approval

The Architectural Review Board (ARB) considers aesthetic elements to ensure that what is done with the exterior of Mission Woods property fits within the range of mission with standards of diversity. The ARB process intends to ensure that one resident will not do anything to his or her property that will noticeably upset many in the neighborhood or that will be noticeably out of keeping with general neighborhood conditions. The ARB process is not intended to impose tight uniformity among all properties. Virtually everything that a neighbor can see on your property is possibly subject to ARB jurisdiction. This is true regardless of whether zoning rules are met or any permit is required. ARB requirements can be more restrictive than zoning codes. Click to learn more.